Fast 01 2c Pro
400-1200 cu metre,5 shot

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Alarm systems can just inform about theft but not prevent it. Burglars need less than 3 minutes to commit a crime; usually they know exactly where to go and what to take while the police need at least 10-15 minutes to arrive. That’s why you need to use a fogging system to prevent theft from the very beginning and to protect your staff and property. UR FOG is a cheap and very effective way to prevent these crimes. All fog systems have a full 2 year warranty.

Why choose UR FOG
• The fastest in fog emission
• The most dense fog
• Most persistent fog
• Fog certified safe for people and animals
• Disposable cylinders with no need to refill or recharge
• Easy to replace fog cylinders
• Innovative and patented nozzle tamper
• Low power consumption
• Safe and reliable. European made
• Complies with all European standards and regulations
Ideal uses of the UR FOG systems are, Dairies, liquor stores, jewellery retailers, homes, garages and other areas.

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