Access Point, 2.4GHz,Station mode

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  • Acts as an indoor wireless device connecting multiple wireless clients
  • Connects to a switch to support wired clients
  • Powers the airMAX CPE on the roof Network Modes
  • Supports Router / SOHO Router / Bridge Network Modes
  • Access Point mode to function as the centre of your wireless network
  • Station mode to extend your wireless network Such versatile functionality makes the airGateway extremely convenient and economical to deploy.
  • The airGateway is compatible with Ubiquiti PoE Adapters featuring 24V, 0.5A or 15V, 0.3A.
  • ESD/Surge Protection. The airGateway provides an additional ±24kV of Ethernet isolation for built-in protection that lessens the risk of ESD or surge damage to your devices.